Thursday, November 29, 2012

Haunting Halloween

Ok, I know I'm more than just a bit late for Halloween, but I've had lots of fun working on these blocks for the "Haunting Halloween" block of the month we are running in the shop and thought I 'd take the time to share with you how I use to use freezer paper to make stars before I became "crazy".
I made this Linda Brannock quilt using this method but I'm not sure I could ever go back to making an entire quilt this way now!  But the technique does come in handy when you only have to make one of something!
Like this patchwork pumpkin block (shown at the top in the picture at the beginning of this post).  Trace all the individual templates together into one pumpkin, then use your rotary equipment to cut out the templates so the lines are nice and straight-no wiggles from scissors!

Then iron each freezer paper template onto the right side of each piece of fabric from the kit.

Cut out the INSIDE edges of each template with your rotary equipment  measuring and cutting 1/4" away from the templates edge.  Don't trim the outside, curved edge of the pumpkin that you can see in the next photos just yet (this is the edge that will be appliqued under)

 Select pieces E and F,
Place them right sides together and fold back the top piece (see my finger!) to align the two pieces of freezer paper so they are just touching--that's the key, and then stitch.  As long as you line up the freezer paper, the edges and seam allowances will be perfectly straight, as you can see below!

 Stitch C to D.  Then CD to EF and so forth until you have completed the pumpkin, below.

Then you just have to applique around the outside and viola!

It's done and so cute!  And the best part is that they will be done in time for next year, no problem!  Can't wait to start the haunted mansion in the center.  I'm getting quite a list of "can't waits" so something is going to have to!  Housework and dinner for sure! But as for which quilting project, I just can't say.  This is me, of "no unfinished projects" and "one project at a time" who is collecting quite a few! So best I get back to it and get something finished!

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