Friday, February 3, 2012

Green, my color of the week!

I mentioned last time, that I've been designing and haven't been doing any piecing of my own, but have been living vicariously through those who are!  I'm just a tiny bit envious...just slightly pea green rather than the full blown, "wicked witch of the west" green with envy!  This is another quilt that I had to have.....but haven't had time to make!  Lucky for us, Gloria came to the rescue!  This is  "Flutterby", a pattern from Whimsicals, and the quilt is made from the European Taupe Collection.  The soft colors are beautiful!  Looking at this quilt, I know that spring is just around the corner....and now that we've lost all of our snow, I can actually  believe it might be true!
This isn't the only time Gloria has come to our rescue and pieced one of our "must haves"....she also got to make the "Circa 1934" quilt which I'm still wishing were mine.  I guess I'll just stuff another kit in my drawer for "someday"!

It will be in good company with "I'll be Home for Christmas"

"Settler's Pride", and
" A Boy's Story" and 

"Meadow Backpack" just to name a few!  I tried to clean out in my sewing room this weekend, but how could I possibly part with any of these?  Do you think I'm gonna live that long?  Not to mention my guilty little secret drawer full of Maggie Bonanomi's kits that she's taught here over the years.  I'm thinking I need to make them and put them together for a bigger quilt.  It doesn't hurt to dream!  It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood- the sun is out so I'd best quit whining about no time to sew, count my blessings and head on down to work! I've got to pick a kit for Sandi to piece so I can keep up my healthy green glow! TTFN!