Saturday, March 5, 2011

Is this not gorgeous?

OK, I know, I have this thing about one project at a time, but I really needed something to applique to take with me today and I only have the borders on "A Little Porch Time", and it's just a little too big to take along this time.  Not only would I have threads all over me, but all over my husband, which he doesn't like so much, and all over his car, which he doesn't like so much either because next week when he's all ready to go to work in his dark suit he'll have threads all over him again and he really doesn't like that, but I say that's what the lint roller in his desk drawer is for!  Actually, he's a pretty good guy to put up with me!  Cuz guess what?  It's time to go and here I sit trying to get one more thing done before I leave!!  You can guess how much he likes that!!  Anyway, this is a new Block of the Month we are running in the shop called "Pressed Flowers" from Blackbird Designs, if you'd like to join me in making this beautiful quilt!  I've picked and the girls have cut the first four blocks so I'm behind already!  That's a pretty common phenomenon in my life!

Sorry I've been absent on my blog for a bit, but my computer have a bad virus and so did I!  It really wasn't that "milestone" birthday I had in the mean time!  I like to think of it as starting a new decade!  My youngest son, my nephew, and my oldest sister are all starting new decades along with me: 20's, 40's, 50's, and 60's!  I really like it for those few months when my nephew and I are in the same decade:  I feel young and I'm sure he feels ancient and is glad for me to "move along!"  Despite being sick, I did have a great birthday!  Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes!  And I can tell you they were all nicer than that "You aren't old till the Fat Lady sings" card my brother-in-law sent, and yes it was one of those singing cards!  It made me want to fill up my "one drink for every wrinkle" glass I received from my sister!  Not really!  Our mother turned us into a family of jokesters!  Someday I'll tell you about how they all loaded our car in the back of a wheat truck when we got married and we had to drive the truck, with the car in the back, into town to the motel after the reception, and how we were stopped by the police going through Airway Heights because all the cans tied to the back of the car were blowing out behind us and he thought we'd been drinking all that beer!  OK, Tom's reading over my shoulder!  Gotta go!  Have a great weekend!