Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Harvest Time

The combines came this afternoon and cut the wheat around the barns today so there will be no wheat for quilt show but I'm sure they are happy to get it in before the predicted thunderstorms due tonight.  After last year, our first quilt show ever to be even partially rained out, everyone remember to keep praying for no rain on quilt show days!

I did get my Missouri Daisy back from our quilter and it's stunning!  I'd never used  rickrack along a binding before but Gloria helped me through!  Thank goodness she's back on her feet!  And yes, just in time for quilt show!!

And along with harvest comes fall and at our house that means Halloween- with both boys being October babies and Zack actually a Halloween baby, so I had a hankering to get these "Home is Where the Haunt Is" blocks put together.  I love the "Mind your Mummy" block and the "Bugs and Hisses welcome here" saying.  This block of the month has lots of little dimensional touches with the broom, and the flower on the hat, the sign on the house, even the mummy!  It was fun to make.  I don't see this on our web site but we do still have a couple kits left-I just called and checked!  They are $79.00 just FYI.

Besides getting ready for quilt show, the girls have still found time to keep stitching on these "Words to Live By" blocks.  They, too, are beautiful.  Its's nice to have a wool appliqué project to take along with you.  I not real happy with the color in this picture- the reds just aren't showing up very well but at least you get the idea.  They really are beautiful blocks.

I think that's all I have to show you for now!  Just happened to see the combines pop over the hill and thought you'd like to share the moment!  Hope to see you all next week for quilt show week-don't forget the show on Saturday and Sunday August 23rd and 24th!  It seems early, but I guess I could just be sounding old!  As a kid I remember thinking that all that old  people did was complain about how fast time went by....and guess what?  It does!! And yes, I know it's not rocket science....so no one needs to chime in about my age!  See you next week, I hope!


  1. So sad to see you are closing your doors, BBQS has been one of my favorite shops for so long. I live in Yakima, & there are really no decent quilt shops within a hundred miles. Loved stopping on my way to Spokane, visiting your booth has always been the cherry on the cake when attending the Spokane Quilt Show. you will be sorely missed.

  2. Janet, I heard today that you are re-opening under your own name. I hope that is true, it will be a sad day not to have new designs and fabrics from you. Quilters in Utah love your fabrics and we would miss you dearly. Sincerely, Noel Minneci in Midway, UT

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  5. Janet its kelly wood! Would love to hear from you. Kellywoodboise@gmail.com

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