Monday, March 11, 2013


Oh my, we are "Snowbound" once again! There's snow covering the ground once again but wait, now it's gone!  It's our typical "spring is just around the corner" weather!  I headed over to Pam's last Friday about dinner time with my latest design to show her, wearing my slippers with no socks, no phone, and driving my little Honda Civic, and yes it had been snowing all day, but it was wet and not sticking, and yes the wind had been blowing all day but this was just spring snow, not the stuff you really worry about....Or so I thought until  I just about buried my car not once but twice in snow drifts and I really do know how to drive in winter conditions-  I love bucking drifts!  I arrive at Pam's but NO one believed me, not Pam, not my husband who I called when I started home so he knew to come look for me if I didn't make it home! That is, no one believed until Pam almost got stuck in her Yukon the next morning, or Tom the next afternoon!  Hah!  Doubters!  I really will tell you when it's time to panic!

I finished my first Snowbound block, pictured above, on a quick weekend trip to see our oldest son in southern California.  It's really block one and part of block 2, which is the triangle corners on the blocks (of which I only have 1 on!) and the snow for the circle flakes and the larger flakes seen on the whole quilt.  The snowmen are so very cute and even better is that they aren't out in my front yard!

The sun in California was delightfully sunny and hot, hot, hot!  I managed to catch a terrible case of spring fever!  We didn't have much time together,  but spent a great day at the beach then left Zack back on campus after church to study and we headed back home. The boys have been having a beard contest of some sort as you can see from the picture.  Zack's  got severely trimmed (thank goodness) since he had his first week of clinicals and is finally excited about physical therapy again-it's not just long hours in the library after all!  We arrived home and it's back to fabric design for me and foot surgery for Tom.....he now looks like he's taken up the boy's beard growing contest!  He's still not too mobile but is getting better.  I think he's just enjoying having me cook three meals a day for him!  Have a great day and hope spring is heading your way!