Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Need Your Very Own Prince Charming?

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, are you in need of your very own Prince Charming? One you can snuggle up with on the couch?  This one's perfect don't you think?  I made this quilt for Pam's granddaughter,

and it all started with this poster that I had in junior high.  When mom was gone and I finally had to clean out my bedroom, this poster was still hanging in my closet and I decided to pass it on to Maisie with the advice that she has to kiss a lot of toads before she finds her handsome prince!   Then I even found some earrings for her birthday, one stud is pink rhinestone lips and the other is a frog!  Of course, I had to buy two pairs of earrings, one set of lips and one set of frogs but now we each have our own set of earrings, not that I've ever worn mine!   So now as we head back to our sewing machines, we can stop by and give our "real" prince charming a smooch for putting up with our neglect as we cut, and shuffle, and piece our way toward another new quilt!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

New and Notable!

Our machine quilter, Karen, shared this quilt with us.  This is the "other" stack of fabric for "O Christmas Tree", what I refer to as the flocked trees, the ones I was too tired to face piecing?  Now I wish I just would have bucked up!  Isn't this cute?  And remember, you get BOTH quilts from the kits!  What a deal!

Then Sandi finished this wonderful "Orchard House" quilt made with civil war/reproduction fabrics.  I love the soft warm colors of this one!  Now she's home recovering from shoulder surgery and we wish her a speedy recovery so she can get back to her piecing, although she probably hasn't let it slow her down too much!

It didn't take MaryEllen much more than a day to whip up this "A Day in Giverny" quilt, made with French General's newest fabric line.  If you love French General, you'll love this quilt!  Aren't we lucky to have such talented and generous people to help us?  They are the best!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wingin It

Gloria and Kathy W have been trading labor, piecing for quilting, and Kathy just finished quilting Gloria's Wingin' It project, made with our "Wingin' It" fabric line.  This quilt will surely help tide us over until spring thaw and the gardens come back to life! Just thought I'd share for today! Keep those sewing machine wheels rolling!  

Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm Not the Superwoman I Once Was

I'm not the Superwoman I once was, but maybe that was only in my mind anyway! I'm either underestimating how long it will take or overestimating just how much I can get done, but one way or the other reality has a way of trumping my best intentions.  But, finally, truly, we are closing in our new "Starlit Garden" block of the month project.  This is just a little preview....we all have more than a of bit a stitching to do: thank heavens Val, and Gloria, and Pam have all pitched in to help!  Parts of the book are at the printer and have been printed, just waiting on us to get our stitching and photography done!  We made this quilt with our newest fabric line, "Seeing Stars" which just arrived in the shop along with our "Basic Blacks" so the girls will be busy cutting the block of the month kits so they will be ready to go out as soon as the book is off the press!  You can pre-order the block of the month or the whole kit here.  So that has been my life thus far this year!  Am looking forward to raising my head, getting my nose off the grind stone, and taking a look around at life once again!  Happy 2013 everyone!