Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's a hot one again this week!  Harvest is just around the corner.....although at the elevator where my son works, just a few miles south, harvest officially started yesterday, so I won't be seeing much of him-just his dirty work clothes and empty lunch cooler!!!  He moved home from southern California in May and we have all adjusted from living lives of our own, but he agrees that being "Home is Best"!  

He's just so happy to be home!  (Me too!)

 Meanwhile, I've cut out and started piecing the crazy stars to use in the "Winter Quilt" block of the month and thought I'd give you a sneak peek of what they will look like!  

I decided to make the backgrounds scrappy, so I stacked all the darks in one pile and all the lights in another, cut each pile, put the light stars in the dark pile and the dark stars in the light pile, and then only shuffled the background pieces.  You only use the stars with the dark backgrounds in the Winter Quilt so the other 90 stars are yours to use in a project of your choosing!  What a deal!

Earlier this month, my nephew got married outside at my sister's house, which was previously my mom's (and our) home. Just for fun, I painted a frame for them to use at their reception for candid pictures.....

My sister, Ron's mom, made him our "Folk Art Blooms" quilt.  She didn't start until January and it was still done in time!  I was so impressed!  She and I both need to quit saying she's not a quilter!  She's just not a full time quilter!

I used four of the blocks from Folk Art Blooms and designed a fabric panel for Henry Glass and I just received my production samples and made the project for "Flannel Essentials 8" which will be arriving in the shop in August.  There is a cream panel as well as the black version shown here.  I was able to cut a couple kits so call the shop to be the first to get one!

And quilt show is just around the corner!  I also finished my "Missouri Daisy" block of the month quilt but forgot to get a picture before sending it to get quilted for the show!  I really like the scrappy alternate feather blocks.  You'll just have to see it at the show!  If I don't talk to you before then, I will see you there!