Thursday, June 20, 2013

Step in for a tour of our new addition!

The Buggy Barn addition is mostly done except for the cosmetics like paint and flowers on the outside, and we seem to arrange and rearrange at least twice daily on the inside so none of us can find a thing!  But hopefully you will enjoy the extra space to "move about the cabin" and explore all the goodies we have for you.  Here's a quick sneak peak video: click here to watch. Enjoy and hope to see you at the barn soon!  We've been getting a ton of new fabric in which makes my brother in law crazy since he thinks we're gonna have the new part as jammed full as the old part was in a matter of days, well maybe weeks!  He's always (trying to) put us on a fabric diet!  That's why our Moda rep use to bring him the Christmas present instead of us!

Buggy Barn's newest fabric line, "Angels Among Us" is in the shop and I used this line to make nine angels from our Undeniably Crazy book.  Then, sashed and bordered them with the border print and have a great, quick and easy baby quilt!  For a kit, click here.

We certainly must have had some angels among us to get us through this remodel!  Thanks to all of our faithful customers who continued shopping right on through the construction!  Look for celebration events in July!