Saturday, December 4, 2010

I've Been Good all Year

Santa Baby, hurry down the chimney and place this under the tree for me! Just what every good girl hopes for, quilting supplies under the tree for thee!  And just how is everyone doing, gathering their special words during the Henry Glass Deisgners Blog Hop for the chance at the Grand Prize to slip under your tree?  And what about all those great patterns and fun ideas that you've been collecting?  Did Christmas come early or what?  Isn't this is great fun?  Day 4 brings you the chance to meet three more designers; just click on the links in my side bar to go to their blog.  It's not too late to gather
                                                                            all the special word to win! Have Fun!

Day 4: Quilt Soup-Barbara Jones
            Rose Cottage-Laurie Bird
            Lizzie B Creative-Beth & Liz Hawkins
Day 3: The Noble Wife-Jacquelynne Steves
            Jillily Studio-Jill Finley
 Day 2: Kati Cupcake-Amy Hamberlin
            Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.- Carrie Nelson
            Fresh Cut Quilts-Kari Ramsey
  Day 1: Anka's Treasures-Heather Mudler Peterson
             Linda Lum DeBono
             Little Quilts-MaryEllen, Alice, & Sylvia


  1. Great that you post the Santa picture. I cut this quilt out this morning and am sewing away. Its going to be so cute.

  2. I heard that...Santa Baby is so worth it and doesn't it just make you want to break into song? Have fun! Missed you at the Barn today with the rest of your family- was great to see them but wish you could have been here too!

  3. Santa baby sure is a cute pattern. Love the idea of Santa hiding. Cute.

  4. Where can I get this pattern I love it !!!

  5. Where can I get this pattern I love it !!!

  6. Ive been looking to purchase this particular pattern. where can i buy it?

  7. I've been searching for the pattern of Santa Baby, is this pattern available for purchase? It's been a few years but its sure cute


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