Thursday, November 29, 2012

Haunting Halloween

Ok, I know I'm more than just a bit late for Halloween, but I've had lots of fun working on these blocks for the "Haunting Halloween" block of the month we are running in the shop and thought I 'd take the time to share with you how I use to use freezer paper to make stars before I became "crazy".
I made this Linda Brannock quilt using this method but I'm not sure I could ever go back to making an entire quilt this way now!  But the technique does come in handy when you only have to make one of something!
Like this patchwork pumpkin block (shown at the top in the picture at the beginning of this post).  Trace all the individual templates together into one pumpkin, then use your rotary equipment to cut out the templates so the lines are nice and straight-no wiggles from scissors!

Then iron each freezer paper template onto the right side of each piece of fabric from the kit.

Cut out the INSIDE edges of each template with your rotary equipment  measuring and cutting 1/4" away from the templates edge.  Don't trim the outside, curved edge of the pumpkin that you can see in the next photos just yet (this is the edge that will be appliqued under)

 Select pieces E and F,
Place them right sides together and fold back the top piece (see my finger!) to align the two pieces of freezer paper so they are just touching--that's the key, and then stitch.  As long as you line up the freezer paper, the edges and seam allowances will be perfectly straight, as you can see below!

 Stitch C to D.  Then CD to EF and so forth until you have completed the pumpkin, below.

Then you just have to applique around the outside and viola!

It's done and so cute!  And the best part is that they will be done in time for next year, no problem!  Can't wait to start the haunted mansion in the center.  I'm getting quite a list of "can't waits" so something is going to have to!  Housework and dinner for sure! But as for which quilting project, I just can't say.  This is me, of "no unfinished projects" and "one project at a time" who is collecting quite a few! So best I get back to it and get something finished!

Monday, November 26, 2012

We Could Have Built a Snowman!

We've had our first snowfall of the season and it actually stayed around just long enough to have us all scrambling to get our snow tires on.  Now it's back to rain, but I'd rather it snow!  While we were away at market the girls were home at the shop busy stitching away on my blocks, bless them!  We've got a great start on this "We can Build a Snowman" block of the month.  It's great since it only lasts five months!  Look! We're almost done! One more row of houses and the words across the top.  I love this quilt; it reminds me of the old Red Wagon quilts.

The girls were busy, busy bees; they also were embroidering snowflake blocks....this quilt will be a beauty!  Now it's time for some more snow!  Maybe this week!  

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! Quilt Friday Event

Pam got our sample of Turkey Lurkey started at our Barn Chick Gathering on sure is cute! And just in time for Thanksgiving!  I think she's going to leave it as a wool mat instead of a pillow as called for in the pattern.....I did drop the hint that if she was my secret sister for Christmas, that I'd prefer the mat!  I just got an eye roll so I think that's unlikely....  Pam is cooking the turkey this year.  As usual, I'm taking enough rolls to feed a small army, and that's after I've made an extra couple dozen for my children to eat hot out of the oven and more later, as a pre-Thanksgiving, midnight snack.  I know that's why Ross will be home tomorrow, to "help" me with the rolls!

And I've switched from pie to cheese cake the last couple of years; I'm not sure how that started. I must have got a wild hair and now that's what I'm suppose to bring!  Thought I'd share the recipe, it's one that Patsy and Sharon feed us every once in awhile at crazy camp and it's delicious!
NOTE: that last ingredient under nutmeg is 1/2 t salt.

Tom Turkey
We hope each of you has a Thanksgiving full of blessings!  Please know that Pam & I are thankful for each of you who have supported us and helped us along our way; we wouldn't be here without you!  So this Black Friday after Thanksgiving, which Buggy Barn has declared “Quilt Friday” November 23rd, take 20% off any items in our retail or web store! That's 20% off your entire purchase, including kits and blocks of the month!  Wow! They never go on sale!    Then join us on Small Business Saturday, November 24th, to receive free shipping on this day only on any order sent within the United States & Canada and “thank you” for your continued business!

Monday, November 19, 2012

That's Today!

Ok, today really is the 19th and I see that today is our day on American Patchwork & Quilting Radio with Pat Sloan!  Be sure to listen!  I'm heading there next!  Thanks, Pat and AP&Q,  for the opportunity!  You guys are the best!

here's your link to listen:

then go to Recent Shows on the right side bar and select our show scheduled for today, November 19th! I'll see you there!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

We've Been There and Back!

I'm not sure what we were thinking, but Pam & I decided, at the last minute no less, to stay after quilt market and set up a booth for Quilt Festival.  That's what some might call a Bird Brain idea!   This meant 12 days in Houston--I've never been away from home or work for that long before, and since it's now almost Thanksgiving and we are just thinking we might be able to sleep past 3:30 am,  I'm not sure I ever want to be gone that long again, at least not before I retire!

We had a great time; it was like a vacation in that we were away from work, even though we were working, staying in a motel, eating out every night, neither of which is all that it's cracked up to be except for the not cooking part!  Our new crazy cows with the safety pins on their udders (I was in a hurry and desperate for something to use for teats and safety pins fit the bill!) were a huge hit! Texans were either thrilled they didn't have horns, or were planning to add horns....the dairy people of the Midwest were mostly fine with them just the way they were.  Some  jokingly referred to the pins as piercings- as in the cow equivalent to a belly or nose piercing, I believe!

Meanwhile, we've been digging out here at home at the Barn trying to get ourselves caught up and back in the swing of things.  It's been so long since I've blogged, Pam is threatening to remove the blogger link from the web page-I'm fine with that, but, once again, I find myself, recommitting myself to do better!  It's a never ending quest-this always doing and/or being better!  We'll see how long I last this go round!  I do have lots to tell you about so I'll be parceling it out a bit at a time so at least my re-commitment will last a bit longer!

I don't have Quilt Market or Festival pictures to show you-we were busy there also: we did three different book signings, an interview with Pat Sloan for talk radio(we'll share expected air date when known), and Checkers filmed us doing our crazy demo.  Oh and here's a link of our bit we stumbled through for Fat Quarters Shop: It's a wonder we got any shopping done but at least you can see the new lines we have coming in the future.

Meanwhile, our new fabric line, Wingin' It has arrived and is in the shop.  Our friend Sandi remade our Spring Fever quilt using this line-doesn't it look great? She and her sister Val have sewed countless stitches for me and have earned my eternal thanks!  That's it for now!  Will talk to you soon!