Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! Quilt Friday Event

Pam got our sample of Turkey Lurkey started at our Barn Chick Gathering on Monday....it sure is cute! And just in time for Thanksgiving!  I think she's going to leave it as a wool mat instead of a pillow as called for in the pattern.....I did drop the hint that if she was my secret sister for Christmas, that I'd prefer the mat!  I just got an eye roll so I think that's unlikely....  Pam is cooking the turkey this year.  As usual, I'm taking enough rolls to feed a small army, and that's after I've made an extra couple dozen for my children to eat hot out of the oven and more later, as a pre-Thanksgiving, midnight snack.  I know that's why Ross will be home tomorrow, to "help" me with the rolls!

And I've switched from pie to cheese cake the last couple of years; I'm not sure how that started. I must have got a wild hair and now that's what I'm suppose to bring!  Thought I'd share the recipe, it's one that Patsy and Sharon feed us every once in awhile at crazy camp and it's delicious!
NOTE: that last ingredient under nutmeg is 1/2 t salt.

Tom Turkey
We hope each of you has a Thanksgiving full of blessings!  Please know that Pam & I are thankful for each of you who have supported us and helped us along our way; we wouldn't be here without you!  So this Black Friday after Thanksgiving, which Buggy Barn has declared “Quilt Friday” November 23rd, take 20% off any items in our retail or web store! That's 20% off your entire purchase, including kits and blocks of the month!  Wow! They never go on sale!    Then join us on Small Business Saturday, November 24th, to receive free shipping on this day only on any order sent within the United States & Canada and “thank you” for your continued business!