Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Guilty as charged....

"Life is Beautiful" Block of the Month
 Guilt is an interesting thing....it nags at me, my constant companion, until finally I say enough already and finally take care of  whatever it is that needs taking care of!  I seem to have a lot of "whatevers" and, as you know, I'm fond of crossing things off my list, so getting a blog post done is one of my whatevers. Now I'll be able to quit feeling guilty about not speaking to any of you! 

And poor Riley, my dog, hasn't been on a walk all of August and September.  She absolutely had my guilt meter over in the red especially if I happened to walk out the back door with my tennis shoes on, as she starts leaping for joy, turning circles, and dancing thinking we finally get to go only to be sadly disappointed as my guilt quadraples, because if I'm not walking the dog, that also means I'm not excersicing! So, Riley has been a happy camper this week and I get to dump some stress as well as some guilt! 

Star Light Star Bright was beautiful hanging at the show!

Our 15th Quilt Show has come and gone and it was great fun and beautiful weather.  Have been wanting to post pictures of the show and have found that so many of you already have, that I will redirect you to give you great places to go, see, read.  Sue Spargo has a great blog posting about her time here (see Buggy Barn Quilt Show and Teaching at the Buggy Barn).  We so enjoyed having her, as did all of her students!  My only regret was that I didn't get to take the class also!  We also enjoyed Lynn from Kansas Troubles, Gloria from Old Green Cupboard, and Sean from Threads That Bind.  It really was a fabulous slate of teachers. 

Jennifer Keltner speaking for the first time from the bed of a trailer!

The Garden Party went off on Thurdsay night with only a slight hitch to our plans as Todd decided to harvest the morning of the party right up against the yard so we had to stop and re-clean tables, chairs, the pool and decks-UGH! I'm almost over it! We had great food made by our life long friend Ann, and our gal Lorri made all the chocolate covered strawberries and cut all that watermelon into stars! Jennifer Keltner, editor of American Patchwork and Quilting spoke, regaling us with all manner of tales and making us laugh!  She is a gem! We love her dearly! It was the highlight of the party. 

Jennifer & Sue take a ride with Ron on the combine

Friday was quilt sorting day for Pam and me.  We never know how many quilts we will have and spend Friday sorting by size and putting them in pile for each building, fence, or line.  It's amazing to us that our people always come through, bringing their quilts to display making the show "show-stopping".  Take a look at this video from Connecting Threads and see if you don't agree!  We truly have the best group of quilters that choose to share their quilts with all of us. We owe it all to you- you make the show what it is, so thank you! Saturday morning it's up at 4 am to hang quilts by the lights of our high beams on our vehicles! It always takes longer on the first day to hang them since we are still figuring out where they all will fit; that's the part the makes my husband crazy- try this one-oops too big/too small so, no let's try this one-sorry still not quite right!  After 15 years, I am way better judging where they will fit than I use to be!  We do eventually get them hung then it's off to the shower to officially start the day!  Cherly Wall from Country Quilts was here during the show signing copies of her new book and she also has a blog posting of her time at the barn.  She is another one of our favorites-we love her scrappy (and plaid!) approach to quilting and her directions are good which I always appreciate! 

Since quilt show, I have been madly trying to get a book ready for Market.  Here are current pictures of my sewing room.  I think this is really why my husband went out of town this week because he can't stand to live with me right now!  More guilt piles on as I hand out a ton of applique to good friends Sandi & Valerie and welcome them to my nightmare!

Bramble Berries and Put Your Heart in It yardage is overflowing!

Friday is my drop dead day to get quilts to our quilter in time for picture day on Monday.  As my mom use to say, "this, too, shall pass" so I best get back to my applique.  But, darn, that pesky FedEx man just brought me another overnite package from our fabric people.....that makes a stack of four sitting there staring at me adding to all that guilt because I know I'm delaying them also, so I best deal with them first then I'll be guilt free and ready to stitch like crazy!