Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Have a safe and happy holiday as you head to the lake or river to try and stay cool... Here in the West, we are in the midst of a major heat wave, but at least summer has finally arrived!  I've made good progress on our latest book and hope to have all the parts at the printer by the end of next week so we should be able to have books in hand by mid-July!  We've named this latest book "Crazy or Not".  Each quilt has both a crazy version and a traditionally pieced (or Not!) version.  Even though Buggy Barn is better known for our craziness, Pam and I have always been traditional scrap quilters, and that's how this book started off.  But we just couldn't seem to help ourselves, and so we have now have "Crazy or Not"!  If you pre-order the book here, you will receive one of our earlier traditionally pieced books, "Around the Bend" for Free!  What a bargain!  

You can also pre-order the kit for this stunning "Lady Liberty" quilt when you order the book by clicking on the down arrow.  She will be a huge, 96" square, hit!

So, again, Happy 4th of July!  Celebrate safely, and don't forget to thank a veteran, and let's add firefighters to that thank you and prayer list in this season of wild fires.  We absolutely appreciate all that both of these groups sacrifice and give to keep the rest of us safe!  


  1. I love your new design, love americana and this is something different and fun.


  2. Happy Fourth of July! It is really hot everywhere you look. I love the crazy or not idea. I would most likely always pick the crazy because I love a break from tradition. I love your Lady Liberty quilt. It is unique and just perfect.

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