Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Put Your Heart In It!

Put Your Heart in It: Crazy pieced
Our newest fabric line, "Put Your Heart in It" has arrived in the shop! And  it looks beautiful in the cupboard all together!!  We developed this line in conjunction with our crazy pieced "Put Your Heart in It" quilt.  The quilt was inspired by a friend, a breast cancer survivor, who's cancer had reoccurred.  We wanted her to believe, to have hope, and to be strong in her journey to come.  I'm happy to report that she's done all three and is doing well! We don't always know what to do for a friend with a serious illness, and making this quilt helped me to cope.  It's stitched with love and countless prayers!

Put Your Heart in It: Traditionally pieced
And just to complicate things, we have a second quilt with the same name, but it's traditionally pieced "Put Your Heart in It" quilt, designed by Sue Falkowski for Henry Glass Fabrics, who so generously agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds of the sale of this fabric to Susan G. Komen for breast cancer research.  Thank you to our friends at Henry Glass and to each of you who purchases this fabric!  Let us all pray that there may one day be a cure.


  1. Hi, Janet, I know what you are saying about: my mother had a cancer, when I was young, and they were hours of fears... I'm praying for your friend!
    I heart your fabrics... so much! I used them for a contest for blogger's choise. I added three solids and three fabrics from others collections, but it's possible to take only solids. Do you want to see the results? I loved your fabrics!

  2. Thank you for your prayers, Pepe! I do believe in the power of prayer. Thanks for using our fabrics in your contest. I would love to see your finished project. Have a terrific new year!