Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry N Bright

Merry & Bright

 Is everything "Merry & Bright" at your house?  Are your packages all wrapped and under the tree?   Tom & I had a marathon of wrapping to get the gifts wrapped before the kids got home....Zack arrived today and he's the worst snooper!  He knows he doesn't want to spoil his Christmas morning but he can hardly stand it...he wouldn't even look under the tree, I think because it's way too much temptation and he wants to wait for his brother to get here so they can shake all the packages together and try to guess what's in each!  They are quite a pair and I go to great lengths to try and fool them by putting boxes inside of boxes.  Some years, I don't even put name tags on them-one of them gets red ribbon and one gets green and they don't know whose are whose until Christmas morning-it makes them crazy and keeps them guessing which is most of the fun!  At least now that they are older we no longer have to stay up all night on Christmas Eve waiting for them to go to sleep before "Santa" can come and put them under the tree!   But I'm so glad I still have them home for the holidays.  Hope yours are home with you too! Have a great holiday!


  1. I always did a different wrapping paper for each of my children and wrapped their SS gifts with it so then they knew which were theirs under the tree after looking in their Stockings..

  2. That's a great idea too, Mary! Have a very Merry Christmas!