Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Gift to You....

Just finished stuffing and stitching my pincushion closed.  This kit will be our gift to you as I explained in my last post.  I think it turned out pretty cute; hope you think so too!  It's made from cotton velvet with wool appliques and hand-dyed floss, all included in each kit.  We had so much fun playing with flower colors, that I couldn't choose which color I wanted.....the pink ones are going to be really cute too!

A hand painted mug could also be your gift!
In case you missed the details, here they are again!  Every holiday season, Pam & I like to say "Thanks" to all of our customers!  We so appreciate each and every one of you!  So, from December 1st through December 25th, we will include a thank you gift with a purchase made either at the Buggy Barn retail store or on our website at  

December 1st -25th 
with a $20-$75 purchase, receive a Buggy Barn stationery set
with a $76-$200 purchase, receive a pincushion kit designed by us
with a $201-$250 purchase, receive a handmade necklace with Buggy Barn logo
with a $251-$300 purchase, receive a canvas tote bag with Buggy Barn logo
with a $301-$400 purchase, receive a hand painted Buggy Barn mug
Purchases over $400 will receive both the hand painted mug & necklace.

Happy shopping, and thanks so much for your continued friendship and support!

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