Friday, December 2, 2011

Baby Quilt for Ella

It Takes a Village
I hope everyone had a festive Thanksgiving! Our sister has been slowly remodeling our mom's house and this was our first Thanksgiving back home gathered around Mom's old dining room table. We had a big crowd with lots of kids and grand-kids-it's the best kind when family is all gathered back home together! While my niece was home, she and her mom, my sister Kathy, came to the Barn to pick out a baby quilt for Ella, who will be the newest addition to the family.  Now we like to use Kathy as our example of a non-quilter who is quite accomplished at piecing our crazies- if she can do it, so can anyone!

Baby N Me
During the quilt show, Kathy decided she'd make our "Baby N Me" quilt, using Leann Anderson's cute baby fabric. It uses one of our "Crazy" Stars around Leann's panel.   Then she could also whip up this cute book, also made from another of Leann's fabric lines (keep watching the website: will be added soon!).

"A Boy's Story
But Sara wanted to choose fabric like she has with the two previous babies so we headed to the Barn where I had to show her one of my personal favorites that I have stashed away, Annie Down's "A Boy's Story".  I just love the comic strips- they remind me so much of what it's like to have little boys. But, no, we needed more of a girl quilt.

Life is Beautiful

I also love "Life is Beautiful" and thought they could pick out their favorite sayings and/or designs.  This is not only a great quilt but clever in how the designer has made it a quilt as you go and uses the circles that you cut out from behind the applique motifs to applique down in other blocks. We continued the hunt, and after much deliberation, we finally decided on "It Takes a Village" which I think will be perfect! And it's one of our "crazies" so for Kathy, that makes it even better!  It sure was great having everyone home: family, food, and we even managed to sneak in some quilting!  Hope your's was happy too!

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