Monday, November 26, 2012

We Could Have Built a Snowman!

We've had our first snowfall of the season and it actually stayed around just long enough to have us all scrambling to get our snow tires on.  Now it's back to rain, but I'd rather it snow!  While we were away at market the girls were home at the shop busy stitching away on my blocks, bless them!  We've got a great start on this "We can Build a Snowman" block of the month.  It's great since it only lasts five months!  Look! We're almost done! One more row of houses and the words across the top.  I love this quilt; it reminds me of the old Red Wagon quilts.

The girls were busy, busy bees; they also were embroidering snowflake blocks....this quilt will be a beauty!  Now it's time for some more snow!  Maybe this week!  


  1. I love we can build a snowman!!!!

  2. No snow until I get back from my trip to Golden. I have to drive in it to go to the Airport... cute blocks and Row quilt!

  3. Thanks for the comments! Still no snow in our theory I'd like some snow, until I think about shoveling it! It's just that whole "dreaming of a white Christmas" thing I've got going-I don't know what I'd do if I lived in the land "down under"!