Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's the Happiest Season of All

Remember as a kid, sucking on an icicle?  This is our 7 month old lab, Riley, and she loves ice cubes!  The minute she hears the ice maker start to rumble, she dashes in to "sit" for her treat. Yesterday she, too, discovered just how delicious an icicle can be!  I can't believe I'm letting her eat it on my rug though!  Good thing she makes short work of it!  

Thanks so much to everyone who commented on yesterday's post.  You were all so kind!  I forgot to tell you when I'd be drawing for our give-away and decided to close it at the same time Henry Glass closes theirs, 8pm EST on Thursday Dec 9th.  So you all still have time to enter to win at both places!  Carrie Nelson has a hilarious rendition of Twas the Night before Christmas that has all the special words in it for you to post for the Grand Prize giveaway. Good Luck!


  1. My dog loves ice cubes too, fun to crunch on.
    I love that rug he is laying on, is it handmade?


  2. My dog goes absolutely crazy whenever you fill a glass with ice...she does a little dance until one shoots out at her!! So funny!! Not cold enough for icicles here...thank goodness!
    Take care!

  3. I have two furry babies that love ice cubes. It is just way funny to watch them eating them. Your pup is so cute...I would have let him eat it on the rug too, LOL. Hugs...

  4. Thanks for the comments! Riley is a fun, lovable,goof ball and it's nice to have a dog again! Debbie, yes the rug is handmade out of cotton by our friend Roxie, who passed away last year. She made rugs for both Pam and myself and we published all her know-how in our book Phebe's Favorites-see Roxie's Rugs. She was one of our Tuesday girls and was the best! We miss her dearly!

  5. Love the photo of Riley with the huge icicle!! Our Tikka is a year & a half black lab with the same love of ice cubes. Since we had snow a few days ago, much of it has turned to slushy ice...when she goes outside the ice patches are the first place she visits, lays down & starts eating (thankfully she does her bathroom on the other side of the yard :)
    :D Jackie in NC

  6. My daughters Corgi love the snow & ice. He pounces about in the snow taking bites here and there and winds up with a cute little bit of snow on his black nose. The ice cubes from the ice maker are scooted, flipped & caught all over the kitchen before he settles down to crunch them up. Nothing cuter than that happy but wise and beautiful Corgi face celebrating the small wonders!

  7. Aren't dogs wonderful? They bring joy and laughter- Pam was laughing at Riley yesterday as she was playing tag with Ron as he tried to snowplow. She was having a great time, Ron not so much!