Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Are your Stockings all Hung....

So, how's everyone doing?  Making a list, checking it twice? Stockings hung?  Presents wrapped?  Wait a minute, what presents?  I have to admit, I've done next to no shopping!  How many shopping days left? Yikes!  I'd better get busy! 

Donna & Lynda

We did have a cookie exchange at the barn and gots lots of goodies!  I thought it was so nice of Donna to monograph all my cookies with a "J".  They were all delicious and went straight to the freezer (after I sampled each kind, of course!)

We had a great time!  Merry Christmas from the Barn Chicks: Gloria, Mary Ellen, Kallie, Lorri, Pam, Jan, Donna, Lynda, & Kathy!  (me, too!  I'm behind the camera!)

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  1. I am glad, I am not the only one, who is behind, lol.