Thursday, November 4, 2010

Home from Market

We just arrived home from Quilt Market in Houston.  We had fun, bought lots of great stuff for the shop, and came home with lots of ideas to implement (which I will share at a later date!)  But here it is at last!  "Farm Fresh" is fresh from the printer and I feel as if I've been through a long labor and delivery with this one...and yes, my fingers are still bleeding!  But thanks to friends Valerie, Gloria, and my sister Pam who helped stitch in the final moments! 


  1. I'm so proud of you for entering the "blogger" world! You must be decades younger than me--I only know how to read blogs and I'm looking forward to reading yours.

  2. Lovely quilt, can't wait to see what is inside. Congratulations on your blog and your new book.


  3. YEA! I can see your quilts more now that you BLOG! I enjoyed meeting you both at our quiltshow in SEPT here in WW. I'll have to put the August date on my calendar for next year.