Monday, November 29, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

Winter has decided to come with a vengeance!  At least it's no longer below zero and the pipes are all defrosted!  And it's so pretty with the frost on the trees!  Ron and Tom have been busy plowing snow, the roads are good, and we've only had to close the shop on one day.  We get the same number of snow days as the kids at school!  If school is closed, so are we!  Otherwise, we're here! 

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  Ours was pretty quiet, since it was our year to "share" all the married cousins, Ross was commenting it was the smallest gathering ever!  My sisters and I did get to do some stitching; we made these great "Recycled wool notebook covers".  Pam shared a piece of Dad's army blanket with each of us, I shared lace out of our great grandma's embroidery basket and we each made a notebook cover to hold copies of all the poems our mom had written.  It's a wonderful keepsake!  The pattern and kit, including a piece of army blanket, are available at the barn.

The strikeoffs (fabric samples) for the plaids for our Christmas line, "Merry & Bright" arrived and I'd thought I'd give you a sneak peak.....All that paper are the prints that we haven't gotten samples for yet but I can't wait to see them too!  I'm also excited about the gift tags on the selvage of the word print-I thought it would be great for covered gift boxes and then you'll have a coordinating gift tag!

Ok, I think that's all for now!  Don't forget about the Henry Glass Designers Blog Hop!  It starts THIS Wednesday, Dec 1st! Oh, and as practice for the blog hop give-aways, would Sandi that commented "Forgot to say, I love the new photo of the Buggy Barn gals" please email me, identify yourself, because I do have more than one Sandi, and claim her prize!  Thanks to all you loyal followers that have stuck with me as I blunder through the blogging world!


  1. We need this fabric today, doesn't everyone think? It would go with the 15 inches of snow in Salt Lake City. Sandi McKell who posted about the picture.

  2. Love the fabric! Keep blogging...we enjoy it!!

  3. Thanks girls! Glad you like the fabric but as with all good things, it will come to those who wait! Just wish we didn't have to wait till May! Linda, thanks for the encouragement because some days I really do wonder!

  4. Your barns and snow days fabric is great! I love the bright colours that reflect how the snow makes colours look in the sun.

    I'm enjoying your new blog, keep up the good work. I hope to come by again next year when I go to a retreat with Mary Lou!

    Sandi in New Westminster B.C.