Monday, April 7, 2014

Crazy Monkey See Monkey Do

I've finished another crazy pattern, a single this time!  These goofy monkeys remind me of playing endless games of “Barrel of Monkeys” with my Aunt Mable…I believe the slogan for the game was “it’s a barrel full of laughs!”  so these guys make me smile!  Because of all the curves, this  pattern has a lot of pieces: way more than most crazies, so if you are new to this technique, this may not be the pattern you want to learn with.  But all the rest of you Buggy Barn Crazies out there: monkey see, monkey do, but remember, no more jumping on the bed!  Patterns retail for $12.00 and are available on our website.

Our newest Buggy Barn Basic Yarn Dyes are finally here!!  It's been a LONG wait but I think they are worth it!  I love the way the colors have all turned out!  This is the first time our yarn dyes will have a brushed finish on one side-it too is just as I'd hoped.  Thanks to Henry Glass for their work on this one because there was lots of back and forth to get it right!  Here are some pictures, although I just realized that I forgot the purples!  Sorry!  Enjoy!