Monday, January 20, 2014


Can't say it's been snowing' and blown' but it sure has been frosty!  It's sure beautiful when the trees are all covered with frost, but then we spend a morning picking up broken branches that can't withstand all that extra weight!  We've been having short little power outages because of all the frost on the power lines, and on Saturday evening we had a bit of excitement when there was a transformer fire just down from our house.  That was quite a light show!  Except for a bit longer power outage, no harm done!

So there still isn't much sledding and or snowboarding going on around here, so if we want to "Live Loud", we'll need to do it in our sewing rooms!  That's probably the safest place for me anyway haha!  I'm not so good trying to stand up on a piece of wood and sliding downhill, fun as that sounds!
And as far as building a snowman, we'll just have to peek out this "Winter Window" that Denise has just finished!  It's pretty darn cute!  (And so's Denise!)  Eveybody keep stitching and keep warm!

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