Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Time!

I'm guessing everyone is having a busy holiday season, Ho, Ho, Ho!  Even so, we had our Barn Chick gathering last week and look at these cute mats our friend Robin made, one for me and one for Pam.  Isn't she's the best?  And look how  terrific it looks with Santa!  You can get the pattern and/or kit here.

And speaking of Barn Chicks, look what our friend Sandi shared with us that her friend Marilyn Barlow added to her Barn Chicks quilt-just look at those legs and those great chicken tracks in the sashings and borders!  What a great idea!  Thanks for sharing Marilyn via Sandi!

It was our friends from Montana, Donna and Shirley, who started all this "barn chick" business; their notes to us always began, "Dear Barn Chicks" so I always think of them whenever we talk about Barn Chicks!  All of us chicks who work at the barn had our annual cookie exchange.  An ornament exchange would be so much kinder to my waistline!  But it's always fun and the cookies always yummy!

And Zack arrived home for Christmas break!  It's so good to have him home, and even tho I haven't seen a whole lot of him, it sure does feel like Christmas!

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