Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Groucho driving Miss Daisy

We recently hauled a trailer full of household items to California where our oldest son will be starting grad school.  Just look what long days trapped in a car with with three men in a hurry to get where they are going  can produce!  Around about Bend, Oregon, as I was working on these brand new Haunting Halloween blocks of the month, it became apparent that "Groucho driving Miss Daisy" was a pretty accurate description of me and my husband.  He wouldn't let me drive, not that I wanted to, but it is good form to offer, but it's not much of an offer since I know he doubts my abilities pulling a trailer:  I may not be able to back up, but I do just fine full speed ahead!  Anyway, Zack, who was driving his car, led us into downtown Bend for lunch.  "Just park on the street" he says, but hello, parallel  parking with a trailer?  That is even a test for Tom! Yes, Groucho did momentarily rear his head but thankfully, for all of us, we found a nice empty block of meters that we could just pull into.  Tom was actually a trooper the whole trip.  He even posed with me for this picture:

After finishing the Halloween blocks, I moved on to "Fresh Picked Posies".  I only had two borders left, and look!  They, too are finished and the quilt is off to Karen, our quilter, who promises to have it done in time for our quilt show. I love the way this turned out.  Those borders are so worth it!

Next up, were the blocks for "Cabin in the Pines" block of the month.  I thought I was maybe a little too ambitious taking all the blocks with me, but I actually got all of them done except two and it's way better to have too much applique than to run out and have too much time on my hands.  Here are the blocks back home hanging in the barn.  This is going to be such a cute quilt!

Even with all the applique, and setting up his apartment, and shopping for all the things we forgot, we did manage to squeeze in some fun.  We rode our bikes along the ocean; there's a great bike path and you can ride from one beach to the next and enjoy the scenery!  Then, on the way home, we detoured and made the trip to Yosemite National Park.  We got there late in the day, just in time for sunset.  It was beautiful with the sun on the monuments. It wasn't a great time to see all the different water falls or mirror lake, but we had a great time.  

On the trip home, we were all riding in the same car, having left Zack's car to hold his parking slot!  It's been a few years since we've all taken  a road trip together and as usual, all three boys were giving me a hard time about my singing....I have a tendency to make the words up as I go.  And then, I saw this bulletin board.  Finally, someone who understands me!



  1. Love the border on that quilt - very sunny!
    Made a barn chicks quilt a while ago, but with a few variations - it was great fun! I think 'stack & whack' is the Jackson Pollock approach to quilting - seems wild, but is actually very controlled once you're in the swing of it.
    Would love to know what you use to bond your applique? Am just having a go at my first bit of un-turned applique on a baby quilt. I plan to bond the pieces, then blanket stitch the raw edges. The bonding material needs to be strong enough to resist small fingers and washing, but not stiff and hard. What would you use?
    Wish I could visit the barn! Have zoomed in on streetmap and watched your lovely quilt show videos, but it's not the same...

  2. Hi Lizze, I'm glad you're a "crazy" too! As to bonding my applique, for hand stitched needle turn applique, I use water soluble Glue Baste It. Here's the link on our website

    But for unturned applique, we usually use Heat N Bond Lite. We also just got Heat N Bond Ultralite that I just brought home to try. To keep the motif from being stiff, after cutting out the motif from the fusible, cut out the center of the shape so it won't be fused in the center of the motif, just around the edges. If you have more questions, you can email me at

  3. I LOVE ALL of these quilts and would like one of each, please. :D