Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ahh, Summer!

After a long, cold and wet spring that stretched into summer, the weather has finally warmed up and started acting like summer!  And I do love those hot sunny days and long summer nights!  I just  finished another block of "Cabin in the Pines".  I'm not working in numerical order, which I suppose is no surprise, but I wanted to make this one-it's just so darn cute!  I planted the great big 8 foot sunflowers all along the side of my chicken coop and can hardly wait for them to get big and bloom, but wait, that would mean summer was almost over and here it's really only just started so I guess I can wait a while- quite awhile- longer!  For now, I'll just enjoy this block instead!  ttfn


  1. I think you achieved your goal!! Darn cute!!

  2. Love your watermelon block, I look forward to seeing your sunflowers next month.

  3. Thanks ladies! Right now the sunflowers have the height but it'll be awhile before they bloom. I'll post a picture when they do!