Sunday, November 20, 2011

Honeymoon in Vegas, Baby

Who says "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" anyway?  I'm gonna go ahead and tell you what really happened in Vegas!  Pam and Ron celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on Oct 9 so they decided to renew their vows with Elvis in Las Vegas!  And, they unwittingly picked Tom & my anniversary to do it on, so no we all have the same anniversary along with APQ editor Jennifer Keltner!!  It was something of a family reunion plus family friends.  We all had a great time!  I made her a tie-on train from a plastic backed tablecloth fabric so I wouldn't have to finish the edges then added ribbons that everyone could sign with good wishes!  And as part of the package, Ron got that handsome, sparkly tie!!  All three of Pam's girls and their husbands were in the bridal party and my 21 year old son was the ring bearer!  Elvis did a great job and even made us all cry as he was singing "I can't help falling in love with you" as he walked her down the aisle.  It was great fun!

It was my kid's first time in Vegas and the only thing they wanted to do was jump off the Stratosphere....oh my goodness....but after I watched a few people jump, and after I'd checked out the cables and their safety record, I thought that even I might have fun!  But I wasn't feeling well.  I know everyone thinks the Vegas trip is what did me in, and maybe it was but that was when our nurse/practitioner sister saw me in action and said enough!  You're coming to see me and we're gonna figure out what's wrong with you (medically speaking:  there's lots that's wrong with me in general!  How could she possibly choose?)  Anyway, here's a video of Ross's jump.  They even supply lounge chairs so you can lay back and watch and/or video.  I started with Tom lounging in his chair: it's a family joke, since he's known to pass out in certain situations, like when I was having babies or the kids were getting stitches!


  1. OMG what fun! Happy Anniversary Ron and Pam!

  2. Love the pictures and what a scarey video for a mom to watch. Lovely wedding redo I'm sure.

  3. Congratulations Pam and Ron! That is so, so sweet!