Friday, May 20, 2011

Quilt Market Preview

Pam with Carrie, DeeDee, and Jenny form Back Door Quilting in our booth

It's me again....finally!  Pam and I got home from Quilt Market in Salt Lake City on Monday and as is usual for me after the big push to get ready for Market, I've spent most of the week taking care of all the stuff I shoved to the back burner, like blogging!  So I wanted to share a few pictures of Market with you.  It was a little hectic for us since Ron had to go home and farm. It's been so extremely wet that all the farmers were having trouble getting their crops in the ground.  But we did manage although I had to stay in the booth more than I am use to! We were selling our new book, "Still Crazy" which celebrates our 15th year in business. 

Kitty corner across the aisle was one of our favorite designers, Annie Downs.  She just joined Henry Glass and has designed her first line!  We are so excited!  You might know here best from "Boys Story" and "Pockets of Posies".  She also has a new book out called "Some Kind of Wonderful".   We just love Annie!  She's so nice and her designs are awesome!  The quilt on the left side of the picture is made with her new line.  Be sure to watch for it on our web site!

Right across the aisle, was Jill Finley, another fellow Henry Glass designer, and her booth looked like an ice cream parlor and she was even offering mini ice cream cones to her customers!  Naturally, she won the best booth award!  She really made us look bad!   Plus, we had people in our booth eating ice cream all day tempting us but it also made a perfect prop for our "We All Scream"! 

And here are two such customers now!  Actually Sandy and Valerie were kind enough to help us in the booth on Sunday so Pam and I could shop the Market.  They, too, are sisters.  Sandy often helps us with sewing projects and Valerie is that stitcher extraordinaire I've talked about besides being our very good friends!  Would you believe that that's about all the pictures I have?  I know, I'm pathetic!  Maybe you noticed that all the picture taking was in the vicinity of our booth!  I told you we were slaving away and this proves it!  We did have a great time in Salt Lake and bought lots of great things for the Barn. 

We also spent an afternoon in Park City before Market after we got our booth set up.  I purchased a couple new stars to hang in my sewing room window.  Please excuse the dirty windows...did I mention it's done nothing but rain?  Well it's true and if I wash windows, it always rains and I've definitely have enough of that so it's gonna be awhile before I break down and decide it's safe to wash windows!  My tulips have just now decided to bloom and that's no exaggeration!  Here's to sunny days ahead!  Will talk to you all soon!

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