Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Heart Crazies
 I hope you'll all be spending time with those you love this Valentine's Day!  Our kids want to go to dinner tomorrow, and so, knowing my husband, that's gonna count for Valentine's Day!  So, in case you'll be like me and have a date with your sewing machine, Pam & I decided, at the last minute of course, that it would be nice to offer you all a discount on our heart quilts!  So between now and Feb 14th,Valentine's Day, place an order on line or by phone for any heart pattern, kit, or book with a heart pattern and you will receive a 14% (Feb 14th!) discount on those items.  You'll also receive the discount on these items in the shop on Monday.  Just to help you out, I can think of these two pictured plus
 "Crazy About Hearts and Stars", "Heather", "Hearts", and "Circle of Love".  Oh- and how could I forget "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"?  I"m sure there must be more....but this gives you an idea; we have both traditionally pieced hearts and our crazies to choose from!  Happy Valentine's Day!

Blaze's Heart

This is a quilt I did when my nephew, Blaze, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  He's good now, cancer free, but this is still one of my favorites!  It's a small quilt, traditionally pieced, and would make a great baby blanket.  I'm saving it for my grandchildren, that I don't yet have!  But some day!   Did you also know that it's American Heart Month?  So I guess I better go get on the Nordic Track and be good to my heart!  I can't wait until the weather is nice and I can exercise outside!  But for now, we have great quilting weather so it's off to the Torture Track I go!  Happy Quilting!


  1. Wonderful quilts for valentines. I made a couple with old fabrics and scrappy looking, still my favorite.


  2. Thanks, Debbie! You should post your quilts on our facebook page so we all can see- everyone likes see patterns made up in different color options. Hope to see them soon!